Blog-a-Book: Perseverance, Confidence, and a Sand Dune

SanddunepersonwalkingIn the last chapter of her book, “Now and Not Yet: Making Sense of Single Life in the Twenty-First Century,” Jennifer Marshall gives a powerful example of what it is like to either continue to yearn for love and yearn for things that haven’t yet come in your life, or focus on what’s happening right now.

This is illustrated by picturing yourself climbing a sand dune. Now, one thing you should know about this kind of “hill”: It’s not as easy as it looks. Instead of climbing on a sturdy, solid mound of dirt and grass, a sand dune gives way under each step, filling in, making every step deep and unsteady, requiring great effort from the climber. Marshall says:

A teacher who had grown up spending summers at the dunes gave us strategy for conquering them. If you look too far ahead up the dune, he cautioned, you’ll only get discouraged when the destination never seems to get any closer. Look down at the ground immediately in front of your feet, and concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Then take a rest every so often and look back to see the ground you’ve gained.

Marshall comments on this. “Life requires the same strategy: faithful perseverance to keep putting one foot in front of the other.” She is right on. Perseverance requires making each step in full faith that God will provide when the time is right.


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