Blog-a-Book: Considering the "Now" vs. the "Not Yet"

Tickingtimewoman Okay, time to start this book blogging! Now, the question is, where to start? Maybe with the beginning?

Jennifer Marshall’s book, Now and Not Yet: Making Sense of Single Life in the Twenty-First Century, is one that relates to me personally as well as (I feel) a huge percentage of women around the world.

When I first heard of it, however, I was skeptical. I’m single, so I knew it could potentially apply to me. However, I wondered if it wasn’t just like every other advice book out there for women in the areas of romance, dating and relationships. I wondered, “What is different about this book compared to the others already out there?”

In order to answer this question for myself, I obviously had to start reading. What I discovered wasn’t some measly, pathetic advice on how-to-get-a-guy or tips on sex and seduction, but rather a guide to growing closer to God, dealing with the “why's” of romance and rejection, and finding contentment in the “now” period of your life rather than always wishing for the “not yet.”

One thing that stood out to me almost immediately was the introduction. Here Marshall talks about each person’s unique life callings. Life is full of callings. God has a perfect plan for everyone.


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