Re: Summer movie recommendations and Jane Austen

Becoming_jane Thanks for the recommendation, Gina. I'll check out Psych. (For the record, I'm a big House fan as well.)

Karen Joy Fowler (author of The Jane Austen Book Club) says something like "everyone has their own Austen." My own take on Austen is very much through a lens of faith, which may shock some modern readers. We don't think of Jane as a Christian writer, but her faith was incredibly important to her (check out this quote and this quote from one of her prayers).

There are many efforts to view Austen through our current mental and emotional framework -- to see feminism in her writing, or even lesbian themes. Since faith is not at the center of most of our lives, and her own faith is not explicitly stated in her writing, we don't often think of looking at her from this perspective, but I think it's legitimate and closer to who she actually was (although there's an awful lot about her that will always be a mystery).

Just my $0.02!

Fyi, another big Jane movie this summer is Becoming Jane, starring Anne Hathaway. It centers on her falling in love with Tom Lefroy when she was twenty, and they've taken Hollywood-style liberties with the story. Looks like it will be a good flick, but there's a lot of fiction in it! Read what (little) Jane said about Tom Lefroy here.


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