Summer movie recommendations

Miss_potter As my online-movie-rental company keeps reminding me, my queue for movies is empty, and I'm looking for recommendations. Several that I've loved lately include Miss Potter, a biopic about Beatrix Potter, author of the beloved Peter Rabbit stories -- charming!  Also, The Painted Veil (let me know if you've seen it and what you thought), and Keeping Mum, which can only be discribed as a modern-day Hitchcock comedy, starring Rowan Atkinson and Dame Maggie Smith. Really wonderful (warning, though -- there is some nudity).

But now I'm at a loss. Aside from the AFI top 100 list, are there fun movies you've seen recently that you'd recommend?


Good call, Ken - I too appreciated Breach. Billy Ray (the director) also has directed the film Shattered Glass (2003) - another film I recommend to Lori and other readers of this thread.
Breach, a decent thriller based on the Robert Hanssen FBI espionage case, is worthwhile. It didn't get much attention when it was released last February; this is an opportunity to catch up to it. Just finished watching Apocalypto. Definitely not for everybody, but an absolutely brilliant piece of filmmaking that speaks volumes about the internal rot of civilization. Eye-popping cinematography. Graphic violence. Not much plot, as it becomes a chase movie in the second half--that's really secondary to the spectacle. Discernment required. Shoo the kids out of the room.

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