The Painted Veil

Paintedveilfront Sunday afternoon was a movie afternoon in my house, with something I just happened to pick up at Blockbuster, and I'm so glad I did -- The Painted Veil, starring Edward Norton and Naomi Watts. The story is based on the novel by Somerset Maugham, and filmed largely in rural China. It's gorgeous. 

A British doctor in Shanghai brings his new upper-class wife to China. She strays. He decides to punish her by taking her to the middle of a cholera outbreak in a rural village, where they live in silent hatred. But ultimately this is a beautiful story of redemption and grace, powerfully supportive of marriage and sacrificial love. The CT review calls it a love story that starts after the wedding, and that's a great description.

Norton and Watts do a fabulous job. Add this to your summer movie list if you haven't seen it already.


great film starring naomi watts in the lead, and edward norton. great story based on the w somerset maugham's novel about a british socialite woman kitty fane and her self-discovery and redemption story when her husband tried to punish her in cholera-infested china for adultery. great acting throughout especially by watts. highly recommended.
I would recommend picking this book up from the library. Written in the voice of the wife, you take part in her walk of shame and into grace. Its a beautiful story.
Like you, I had the good fortune to view "The Painted Veil" recently. It was a ***** film, one with wonderful characters, acting, direction, cinematography and a great story about people becoming their better selves. Here's hoping many others see it. Marybeth T. Hagan
Coincidentally, my wife and I saw this movie the other day. Good love story and recommend it to. Great location, cinematography, acting, and redemptive ending.
Thanks for the recommendation. This is one I'll definitely check out!

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