Renouncing evil

On Saturday night I renounced evil. Officially, as part of a confirmation service for the Anglican church I attend.

I've been attending The Falls Church for a couple of years, and wanted to take this step to join the broader Anglican communion worldwide. "Confirmation definitely makes you Anglican," one ordained friend told me. I thought it would be kind of a formality--yes, I follow Christ. I have for years and years. But it was deeply meaningful.

Bishop Bena asked us, "Do you reaffirm your renunciation of evil?" "I do," we replied.

"Do you renew your commitment to Jesus Christ?" he asked. "I do, and with God's grace, I will follow him as my Savior and Lord."

As a child in Baptist schools, I used to think this was the kind of commitment you made one time, for all of your life--as a sixth-grader, you could walk forward to "Just As I Am" and settle the matter, right then and there. I later realized that this is a decision we make throughout our lives, and in some ways every day.


Correct -- it's the same Falls Church. Bishop Bena is our suffragan bishop, assisting Bishop Minns.
Is this a different Falls Church? I thought the bishop for Falls Church was Marty Minns?

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