Wise Words from Ronald Reagan (And a Happy Birthday!)

Reagan I can't let today pass without commemorating the birthday of the late great President Ronald Reagan. He is my favorite president of all time, and I have the talking Ronald Reagan doll to prove it.

Ronald Reagan had his share of great accomplishments (most notably, ending the Cold War and overseeing the recovery and growth of the U.S. economy). But even more impressive was Ronald Reagan's character. His humility stands out most to me, and it is what made Ronald Reagan one of the greatest presidents in our country's history.

So today, on what would have been the Gipper's 95th birthday, I say we reflect on our own humility. It's difficult to do but clearly not impossible. And sometimes, a little humor helps, as we have learned from Ronald Reagan. Because we all know that to be humble, sometimes you have to be willing to laugh at yourself. 

Take a look at the following Reagan quotes that reflect humility. And if you know the event tied to the quote, post it. I'll provide the answers later this week. Also, if you are a fan too, then post your favorite Ronald Reagan quotes here, too!


#5 was a saying that sat on his desk, right? #10 was in the announcement of him being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I believe. I guess that #4 was him talking about not going to church because his security so disrupted everyone else's worship.
Quote #3 was to his doctors after the shooting, I believe. Related favorites (both borrowed but still classic): "Honey, I forgot to duck" and "I'd rather be in Philadelphia."

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