More on Rev. Haggard's Resignation

As Catherina mentioned, yesterday Rev. Ted Haggard, voted by Time magazine as one of America's top 25 evangelists, resigned as the president of the National Association of Evangelicals and stepped down as pastor of New Life Church in Colorado over allegations that he paid a gay man for sex and used methamphetamines.

At first Haggard denied the allegations, but a new interview with the interim acting senior pastor (via Colorado Springs television station KTTV) reveals that Haggard has admitted "some indiscretions." We don't know the details yet, but if the allegations are true, then this is disppointing and completely unacceptable for the leader of the largest evangelical organization representing 30 million members and 45,000 churches.

But listen to the KTTV interview here. It looks like right here at the beginning, Haggard's church is committed to helping him get through these issues. This isn't support for alleged wrongdoing, but more a commitment to help a brother who has admitted his sin to turn back to God. This is one of those times when the church body is going to be tested to stand behind what they say they believe. "We really are seeing how the church family helps, how they work together," acting senior pastor Ross Parsley said. "Everybody is 100 percent for him, for his family and for encouraging the process where he gets some great encouragement, some spirtual advice and counsel and help as he goes forward...We'll go through a season where we'll pull together as a family, and as we do that I think we'll see the real substance of what that church family is."


The church should give him support if he acknowledges his actions as sin and repents. However, I am interested to see if Biblical commands are followed. Noting that at no time should Haggard be restored to Pastorship IF he is found to be guilty of the allegations. Hoping that this body trusts God more than the image of a leader.

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