Love Your Body Day?

The National Organization for Women is hosting its annual “Love Your Body Day” today, Oct. 18, on campuses across the country. At first glance, this self-image campaign fighting against unrealistic body image is something anyone might be able to support. In an age when anorexia is affecting girls as young as 7, who doesn’t want to see young women acquire a healthy self-esteem?

But while college women may be aware of NOW’s clear feminist agenda, they might not be so privy to the underground message “Love Your Body Day” is sending. In previous years, the day has been heralded by a week of campus activities promoting contraceptives, Planned Parenthood and sex toy sales.

Since its birth in 1998, Love Your Body Day has grown far from NOW’s public mission statement to free women from media distortions. Today the event is a rally for extreme feminism and a breeding ground of activities that do more to imprison young women than to liberate them.

NOW Publication Coordinator Holly Manning told me that the organization suggests several activities for the national day--including "Indulgence Parties," where college women get together in their pajamas and eat decadent food, or a "Mock Beauty Pageant," which may include a tire-changing competition as part of the talent portion.

What you won't find is an official call to hold masturbation workshops, which is what has happened at Grinell University in year's past. But when I asked Manning about activities--such as sex toy sales--that often coincide with Love Your Body Day, she told me: "I think however our groups decide to celebrate Love Your Body Day is fine." (Manning did say someone else in NOW would need to comment specifically on these activities, but after two requests, I still did not talk to anyone.) Some of this year's Love Your Body Day highlights include free condoms at Colorado State University, a sex toy "workshop" and sex pictionary at Smith College and safe sex seminars across the country that feature Planned Parenthood.

Not only is NOW deceiving college women, but they are trying to get young girls involved too! Their website includes information for elementary through high school students on how to get involved. One suggestion for middle/high school students is to get their peers to sign petitions against advertisers' inaccurate portrayal of women. Fair enough...until you read the petition: "COUNT ON MY VOICE IN THE CHORUS OF FEMINISTS WHO ARE SAYING 'NO' TO YOUR TWISTED BEAUTY STANDARDS."

A Middle School Chorus of Feminists? Outrageous!


I don't really buy that explanation Christina. The reproduce-and show love explanation sounds mystical and romantic of course. It just doesn't sound plausible. Under that explanation after every economic marriage in history the groom either: 1. Fell in love with the bride on the wedding day. 2. As they closed the tent curtains the groom was solemnly and stoically thinking of his duty to his family to continue the line and confirm the alliance for the sake of the families interest. Give tell it hurts! 3. The groom was committing fornication. Now I am not going so far to say masturbation is permissible, though it is not mentioned in the Bible(Peter Kreft says the reason is because everybody was married-as if camel drivers always took their wives with them and hence never thought of such things. I will however say that that argument against it doesn't really hold. For one thing though sex was made for regeneration, eating was made for nutrition. It is not canon that eating junk food is necessarily the sin of gluttony is it? Both of these activities have several benefits. Ultimately when you say something is wrong, you must be willing to say, "because it is". Because if you follow any moral claim back far enough that is where it leads. "Because God says so" isn't even good enough, because unless it is good to do what God says, then that is a council of mere prudence. Besides that, how in the world does one get married in the first place? Either they have to be attracted at first, or else it has to be arranged. In the former they are at least having some sexual attraction before marriage. In the second place they are not expressing love for one another. I doubt that Esther was all that starry eyed the first time the eunech came to tell her that the King wished to see her.
Actually, I wasn’t "looking to trash" anyone. I was searching for an honest answer from the National Organization of Women. There isn’t any evidence that the original purpose of "Love Your Body Day" is to promote sexual freedom or masturbation. Looking at the advertising materials, one can only deduce that this is a day to promote a healthy body image. But all across the country, LYBD has turned into a circus of sex toy sales and other outrageous events. If you are sincere in asking whether using sex toys for personal enjoyment is a sin, then I would encourage you to take a look at Genesis 2:23-25, which describes God’s design for sex. Sex is to be shared between a man and a woman who are married. Adam and Eve were able to “become one flesh” in the security of marriage. Also, take a look at the entire book of Song of Solomon. This is another love story that shows God’s design for sex. I love the verse in Song of Solomon 7:10, “I am my beloved's, and his desire is toward me.” Our desire is to be for our husband or wife. It is not to be for a sex toy. Using a sex toy for personal enjoyment is contrary to God’s design for the sexual experience.
Chances are you didn't get an interview for the precise reason that you were obviously looking to trash how women choose to celebrate this day. So what if women want to use sex toys? Why is that a sin? It is a sin to enjoy sex, especially if done alone?

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