Colson quote of the day

"The Christian calling is not only to save souls but also to save minds. In the words of Harry Blamires, a student of C. S. Lewis, 'There is no room in Christendom for a culture of the spirit which neglects the mind.' That notion might sound alien to many people, but it is surely biblical. The greatest commandment, Jesus says, is 'to love the Lord your God with all your hearts and with all your soul and with all your mind' (Mt 22:37). Loving the Lord with your mind means understanding God's ordinances of all creation, for the natural world, for societies, for businesses, for schools, for government, for science, for the arts."

Chuck Colson, How Now Shall We Live?


Keep up the great work! I appreciate you all at Breakpoint.
"of the day"? If this is the start of a trend, David, then it's an excellent one; bravo and keep on.

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