Refurbished Culture

Doug Wilson writes on his blog:
For many Christians, cultural engagement is nothing more than taking whatever the world dishes up, and then trying to find a verse or two to decorate it with. It is like science fair projects in many Christian schools. Do the astronomy project, set up the display board, and then at the last minute try to find a verse with stars in it.
Cultural engagement is what The Point is all about. Do you think Christians by and large are doing it well, and why might that be or not be?

(HT: Justin Taylor)


(just throwing this out there): So what does "stewardship" mean in the context of Christianity? What would a Christian environmental movement look like? (don't tell me what it's *not* - humanist, atheist, socialist, etc. - tell me what it *is*).
This is by far the best piece I've seen on why Christians going environmental is horrible pandering at best. Just fantabulous! Too many Christians and too many churches think we can hitch our wagon to the environmental movement without getting infected by the anti-life, anti-human, anti-God assumptions that permeate said movement. We can't. Bravo to Mr. Wilson for putting it so clearly, and so strongly. This is not a subject for timid words.

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