Re: Second Chances

This morning Gina posted a terrific blog on Tony Dungy and Michael Vick. Coach Dungy is pouring his life into serving the Lord and discipling others. Thankfully, he realizes the reality that we are all sinners in need of amazing grace and a second chance.

Would you be willing to give Michael Vick a second chance? If you are a business owner, would you be willing to hire him? What if he came to your church; would you welcome him?

I am reminded of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins, our need for redemption, and our need for a second chance! We fall time and time again, yet our loving Savior continues to pour out His grace.


I would give Vick a second chance. DEFINITELY!!! If Vick stays on the Dungy-managed narrow path...that would be great. ++++++++++++++++++ And I wish to note - People went BERSERK over Vick's animal abuse crime---but Vick served about 2 yrs real TIME. NO probation only. No community service only. No acquital on some silly subpoint by a too friendly judge. NO big dollar payoff of the ACCUSED to get out of a charge. Paid probably huge money for defense anyway...& just lost a lot overall. (Don't remember ESPN, news going as crazy over the last athlete who beat up wife or girlfriend. But there will be those who will despise Vick - forever, tho they were not near as hard on Kobe when Kobe had to settle financially with the young woman accuser. Who knows, there may be a photo op where someone wearing a Kobe shirt sneers at Vick. But wrong is wrong--despite the society (so it seems) rating animal abuse higher than woman abuse...but if Vick listens to T. Dungy, he will learn how to handle the unfairness of the world in stride. Vick has a lot to offer---as God wastes nothing---not even jail time. And here's my prayer & wish that he sticks tight to Coach Dungy and to the Lord!)

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