Obama Blends Church and State

Just when you thought that the health care debate couldn’t possibly get any hotter, President Obama had this to say to a group of rabbis:

“We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.”

Come again?

Now I suppose the President could be stating what he sees as simply a matter of fact, namely that, in this world of diseases and doctors, living wills, and tough medical calls, many of us may be in a position someday to help make certain judgments about our own life or that of a loved one. Deciding upon the course of treatment for a cancer patient comes to mind.

But of all times, after complaining about Sarah Palin’s use of the term “Death Panels” to describe possible end-of-life components in the current bill before Congress, President Obama says this?

Either he’s not reading the papers or is doing his best to convince us that he really does trust his administration to get involved in such life and death questions.



Hey, if I can't hear him (Obama) speak into my ears with his own voice in the same room i'm not gonna believe the truth about him. Pretty unnerving when we ascribe characteristics of doubt about the truth of someone we know to possess a disloyal character and has no acquaintences who are unlike him.
Of course, it depends on who Obama means by "we". If he means humanity, he's right. With modern medicine, humanity has much greater power over life and death than we did 1,000 years ago. If he means government, well, we may have to disagree.
I think you're probably making a mountain out of a molehill. As many times as President Obama has made awkward, unclear statements, it seems likely that he is just talking.
Well, but did he really say that? The Politico post cites tweets . . . I'd love to find a transcript of the President's comments.

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