Dumpster Dreams

In Cluj, Romania, children not only pick trash from the dump, they live there. For two generations, hundreds of Roma (Gypsy) people have long settled a landfill that the European Union is now closing for environmental concerns. The Roma have survived on repurposing plastic, metal, and whatever else they dig up in the dump. Some even live there, like a family of three whose shack is pieced together by “discarded pieces of other people’s lives,” says BBC reporter Lina Rozovskaya.

But now that the E.U. is closing the dump, where will the Roma go? Some say they will relocate to whatever environmentally friendly landfill the E.U. approves.

Reminds me of C. S. Lewis’s famous quote in The Weight of Glory: "We are far too easily pleased, like an ignorant child who goes on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by an offer of a holiday at the sea."

Although for them, is there even an offer of a holiday at sea?


Thanks for your insightful comment, vikingmother. If you watch the video, there's a bit about a Dutch Christian NGO that is reaching out to these kids. I'm so glad to hear things like this. But who knows what will happen when the families are displaced.
And will the EU realize...the most valuable part of that dump was---the humans who were living from it? This comment said to commemmorate a Gypsy descended friend who has blessed others with her various creative skills. Also...I read that many years back (in the 19th century probably mid to early) in Chicago...kids of destitute immigrants, other poor would play on the garbage heaps Chicago had...I heard that Moody, others (probably Salvation Army) evangelized these and other street kids. Who knows--- some great great great granddaughter may today own a Chicago condo on a high rise built over one of these dumps. Perhaps (I pray) she believes the message of GRACE passed down from the child on the garbage dump so many generations ago---to her... Lots of TREASURE amongst the trash....

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