Reading “Single Morning” reminded me of something God has been reminding me of quite frequently. That is, there are many things we could worry about, yet we are to be anxious for nothing!

John Fischer tells the story of a single mother worried about her new job, her children, and how to pay for a damaged truck. While her mind is spinning anxiously with possibilities and fear, her friend Bill’s response is filled with contentment on his own behalf and pointed concern for her. Remember Paul’s words to the Philippians: “I have learned in whatever situation I am in to be content (4:11).” We are to rejoice in all things and be anxious about nothing. Trust in our gracious Lord today; regardless of what your concerns are, you can be content in His faithfulness.


The thing that strikes me most is that Bill was “Christ” to her; i.e., Bill treated the woman and her situation just like Jesus would have treated her had he been Bill. I like the needlepoint that says, “Where Love Is, God Is” – for two reasons: one, because it’s true (1 John 4:8), and two, because that has been my own personal, epiphanal experience, and what inspired this poem, originally posted at while the ink was still wet (but now rendered almost unreadable, courtesy technology; and therefore reprised here). // The Face of God --- © Rolley Haggard // I searched the sky convinced that there I’d find // The hands that chiseled galaxies to stars, // And in the distant quest would meet the Mind // That gave the Earth its blue, its red to Mars. // But heaven harbored not the face Divine: // The telescopic lens inverted sight // And made the blackness of the darkness shine // Not there, but here, with blinding, holy light. // For in the hour of my greatest need // The hands, the voice, the face of God appeared // To lift me from despair with kindest deed // And comfort me from all that I had feared: // Not strangely as the prophecies portend, // But with familiar visage, as a Friend. //
You're right Amanda. Though it's easier said than done (as most scriptural commands are), we are called to trust in the Lord; rather than fear of the world.
Well said Amanda. Many of the things I've spent countless days and nights worrying about never came to be, or if it did befall me, I managed to work through the trial.

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