Martyr Journalism

As Alan said, journalists have worldviews just like anyone else. The good news is that some of them have the right one, like the courageous journalists just freed from five months in captivity in North Korea. In a recent testimony about their incarceration, they explain:
Our motivations for covering this story were many. First and foremost, we believe that journalists have a responsibility to shine light in dark places, to give voice to those who are too often silenced and ignored. One of us, Euna, is a devout Christian whose faith infused her interest in the story. The other, Laura, has reported on the exploitation of women around the world for years. We wanted to raise awareness about the harsh reality facing these North Korean defectors who, because of their illegal status in China, live in terror of being sent back to their homeland.
If that’s unbalanced journalism, give me more of it!


Actually, one of the foremost items on most journalistic societies' Codes of Ethics (see for example is some form of "Give a voice to the voiceless." Interesting thing, though, there is VERY little main media coverage of persecution of Christians in other countries - or even here unless it is a media-circus type story like a cult member or a bigamist preacher out west. And then there is a sort of "he deserved it" feel to the story, though the media often touts freedom of speech as well. Hurrah to these brave women!

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