At the Old Ball Game

Stories are happening to us—and around us—all the time. If you need evidence of that, look no further than this fantastic article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, in which a barely newsworthy accident at a baseball game uncovers a couple of heroes and a surprising picture of God's grace.

This would have been interesting enough as simply an account of another athlete who realizes that there is much more important work going on than the game he plays. But with a little extra digging (and some great writing), the reporter finds that the real story was not an embarrassing moment at PNC Park, but a lifetime of moments that made that led up to it, apparently fulfilling a few dreams in the process.

"Some say it was coincidence. Others call it fate."

I could take a guess.

(Image © AP)


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To see love in action is to see God.
Wow! Now there's some beauty!

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