Glad the Swedes Figured This Out

Dave the Swede is no longer interested in all things Swedish.

Turns out the Swedes have determined that too much peeing in indoor public pools can cause asthma.

Given Swedish propensities in this regard, I guess it's good they have universal health care.


LeeQuod: According to Swedish scientists, so long as you swam outdoors, you should have been OK. This study was about INDOOR pools. I think outdoor pools in Sweden are called "the Baltic Sea." Rolley: I shudder to think who might claim to be my Number Two fan.
I guess Pampers and Huggies ought to start marketing the Splashers and Swimmers brands to the Swedes. To think they keep their houses so tidy but their pools so...Ugh.
Dave, I take it this is Installment # 28?? // Well, it’s obvious to me you’ve been minding your Ps and Qs. And judging from things you’re halfway done. // I can’t wait to see your sequel on the Hwang Ho. No doubt you will cover it swimmingly. In streaming video. Yellow journalism at its best. // Peace, bro! From your Number One fan.
I had childhood asthma, so my mother enrolled me in (drumroll, please) swimming lessons. Uff da!

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