ACORN: When Not Being 'Judgmental' Goes Full-Blown Nutty

Without any moral standards to provide a framework for acceptable behavior in society, eventually the whole project of civilization goes kaput.

The recent exposé on ACORN in nearby Baltimore shows this in a vivid way. Here, an undercover activist, posing as a pimp with a prostitute girlfriend, gets advice from an ACORN volunteer as to how to defraud the IRS and bring in two underage girls from El Salvador to join their “business.”

Mind you, it’s all a fiction, but the activists' point is to show how far groups like ACORN are willing to go to “help” some people. Under the Obama administration, ACORN receives billions of taxpayer dollars for its activities.


And to think my taxes are going to support this. I think a line item veto for the Aemrican taxpayers would be useful.

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