By Golly, the President Was Right!

You really can save gas by properly inflating your tires! Dave the (Green) Swede checked the tire pressure on his hybrid Prius the other day, and found that each tire was about 25 percent underinflated. After properly inflating the tires, his green machine gets about 3.5 miles per gallon more than before.

That’s 35 miles more per tank for ol’ DtS.

Oh, and for Stephen Reed (who always insists that I make a Christian worldview point, and who was really put off by my post about Swedish pools) . . . It’s not good stewardship to waste money and resources. So, people, inflate those tires properly!

BTW . . . I know, I know . . . then-candidate Obama said that inflating tires properly would save as much oil as we could drill for offshore. Don’t want to go there.


Look, David, here's the West Virginia way of looking at hybrids: Your elegant Prius (named for some forgotten 14th Century Swedish king) cost you at least $10,000 more than my Corolla. Yes, you probably get 10 more miles to the gallon. But add it up, and you're going to take a long, long while to get $10,000 of savings. So I'll buy a hybrid when they make them affordable for junior grade officers. THAT will be good stewardship. Finally, we West Virginians never let our tires get 25% under pressure. And we still know how to change our oil, too. "I hear her the morning hours she calls reminds me of my home far away...."
So 150 billion gallons of gasoline per year multiplied by a 5% savings by properly inflating tires works out to a savings of 7.5 billion gallons each year? How much is to be expected from offshore drilling?

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