Happy Birthday, Fearless Editor

I just wanted to give a shout out today to everybody’s favorite blog editor/writer extraordinaire, Gina Dalfonzo. Let her know today how much you appreciate her and all the grace, wit, and insight she brings to bear on this blog each and everyday! Hooray for Gina!

Oh and in honor of Gina, I’m committing today to finish A Tale of Two Cities sometime before I die.


Now here are some interesting ideas: http://www.hollandsentinel.com/news/x1699598526/Fundraising-dinner-takes-literary-twist
LQ, I'd have to read a lot of writers like Helen MacInnes whose books span Europe--Paris, Greece, Italy, yummm. Reading Dostoevsky's *Crime and Punishment* I'd have to serve water with a side of grubs.
LeeQuod, my cousin and I recently had pizza and brownies while watching the BBC adaptation of "Dombey and Son," but I was not without misgivings that it should have been steak and kidney pie. (Only I don't think I could have brought myself to eat it.)
The things that go on around here when I take a day off. :-) Thanks, you guys. Rolley, I don't think anyone's ever written me a birthday poem before! I shall cherish it. Catherine, you realize, of course, that your baby's first gift from me will be a complete set of Dickens. If I can just catch him or her young enough. . . . ;-) And by the way, a very happy birthday to Jason Taylor as well!
I should hasten to add that my suggestion to dissolve the work in acid is no reflection whatsoever on its literary value; just trying to help a friend fulfil an obligation. (Catherine, if asked, the correct answer to "What was your favorite part?" is "The last few pages!") // The technique of using toast on which to spread the precipitate does tangentially raise a question I could imagine coming from Gina, about the appropriate food to serve one's book club. I can imagine studying Dante's "Inferno" over a plate of pepperoncini and salsiccia piccante. "Oliver Twist" would demand gruel, naturally. A subtle wit might serve sushi with "Moby Dick", and include toothpicks. Others, anyone?
Keep up the good work!
Happy Birthday to / Our beloved editor / Gina Dalfonzo. // Gina, you are one of the world's great treasures, and you *always* brighten my day. I'm overwhelmingly blessed to know you. // Catherine, if you dissolve your copy of "A Tale of Two Cities" in hydrochloric acid, neutralize the acid with baking soda, wash the residue thoroughly and spread it on some toast (preferably adding jam, for flavor) it's possible to "finish" the book by tomorrow during breakfast. Better living through chemistry, I always say...
Happy Birthday to you!
The person they serve a subpoena // To find someone better than Gina // To edit our works // And filter our quirks // Will be rock and a hard place between a. // Many Happy Returns, Gina!
Happy Birthday, Gina! Thanks for everything you do!
Happy Birthday, Gina.
Happy Birthday Gina! Thanks for all you do around here. (And bonus, I've already finished "A Tale of Two Cities" !)
You so got me off the hook! Love it!
…And that may be awhile, Gina. I have it on good authority (i.e., myself, heh) that Catherine’s devotions today were in this passage in John 11: “whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall NEVER die”. (Which, as you will recall, was one of Sydney Carton’s most beloved scriptures). =)

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