“What we have done here today, you could not do in any Muslim country,” declared Johari Abdul-Malik, director of outreach at D.C.’s largest mosque, to a crowd of Muslims who gathered on the Capitol lawn Friday to pray.

So, they can’t pray to Allah on government property in a Muslim country, but they can pray to Allah on government property in a country founded upon Christian principles?

Very telling.

(Image © Evan Vucci for AP)


Hoorah for having a secular government! Emily Belz, the author of the article you linked, sounds to me like she can't decide if she's reporting or editorializing. BICBW. Maybe she meant to editorialize. It seems profoundly silly to me that whatever shadowy unnamed persons or organizations to which Ms. Belz did not refer by name are/were criticizing the event based on the fact that one of the organizers was the defense attorney for "convicted Islamic terrorists" (no doubt a technical term, that). So what? I mean is anybody seriously arguing that no one should have worked as defense attorney for these guys, or that doing so somehow stained that attorney's reputation? Whatever.

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