Adagio for Souls

I’ve got a new column up on BreakPoint Online. In it, I’m pondering why it is that God so often seems to work in such gradual ways. Take a look and while you do, you can listen to my background track for writing this reflection.



God has begun the gradual metallurgy of fall. Outside my window, down to the left, He’s refining one tree into pure gold.

It quivers ever so slightly each day as it moves from one degree of gilded glory to the next. Just beyond the edge of the dark green forest, I can see touches of copper and bronze. But the furnace of change heats so gradually, I cannot perceive exactly how the vista has altered from the day before. Like most things God does, it’s subdued, unhurried, and steady.

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Well done, Catherine. I was just reading Chuck’s 10/6 Commentary. He said this re ministering to people, especially people with deep needs: “You can’t just show up with a few Scripture quotes and pep talks and make things all better. It takes enormous amounts of time….in order… [for]… Him [God, to] do His greatest work….” // It has been suggested that God moves things slowly as an accommodation to our weakness; kind of like when we take a toddler for a walk, we “toddle”, too. We’ve all tried “drinking from the fire-hose”, and “eating the elephant”, and demanding “patience right now!” God can do it, but it just doesn’t work for us. I think the words “for us” provide the key. Some have said that ultimately, everything God does He does for us. Can you think of even a single exception? I can’t. His “slowness” is on account of us. His “weakness” IS us. // Proof -- © Rolley Haggard // I bless the many weaknesses of God // Who, strangely, somehow seemed unskilled to see // The dreadful guilt behind my thin façade // Or my unfitness for eternity. // I bless the blindness that, instead of wrath, // To boundless pity caused His heart to move, // Confusing actions full-deserving death // As desperation’s hungering for love. // I bless the clumsiness in Him who found // No guilt in me, though there was much to find; // And laud His insufficient sense of sound -- // Full proof that Love is deaf as well as blind; // For even as my curses made Him bleed, // All He could hear was, Lord, attend my need. //
Lovely, simply lovely. Thank you, Catherine.

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