Made in Hell

Roberto recently discovered this pictorial spread on "The World's Ugliest Buildings." For those who have read That Hideous Strength, it’s perfectly obvious what’s going on here. Much like Dr. Frost’s “objectivity” training in the bowels of Belbury, in which a room full of unnatural aesthetics are used to purge Mark Studdock of human biases, these buildings … and some more than others … are clearly designed to slowly make us un-human as we see and enter such buildings.

Which is to say, yes, that they are the work of Satan.

I mean, just look at this ugly yellow house! Devil-made I tell you! Just check on the inside of the collar … doubtless, it reads “Made In Hell.”

(Image © Craig Ferguson/Alamy)


Jason, Word. Probably with lots of snakes. "I hate snakes".
Actually Allen, what 12 looks like to me is a lost temple in some jungle epic. No doubt it is full of clues that only Dr. Jones can decipher.
You know, the worst one has to be #12 - "The Ideal Palace" in Hauterives, France. It looks like The Bent Eldil's dribble sand castle or something.
Pretty cool. I kinda like the SIS fortress building. Looks like it should be the evil lair of somebody's arch-nemesis. I'm also interested in what the pointy Chinese building will look like when done.

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