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Read Gene Veith's re-telling of one of his new favorite books. A quote to whet your appetite:
Frederick [the Great], who enjoyed humiliatating [sic] his guests, had composed a long melody line full of chromatic scales that was impossible to turn into a multi-voiced canon (that is, a “round”: think “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” with different groups starting at different times) and told Bach to turn it into a fugue (an even more complicated “round”). Whereupon Bach, on the spot, sat down at one of the new piano fortes and turned it into a three-part fugue. The flummoxed King said, in effect, OK, turn it into a 6-part fugue. A few days later, Bach sent him a 6-part fugue and more than a fugue, “A Musical Offering” that rebuked Frederick and all of his Enlightenment notions with the Christian faith.


Well maybe, coffee misanthropy, military misanthropy, and musical misanthropy aren't totally unrelated? They are all misanthropy.
Aye aye, that would be a sad day
Rebekah, you wrote: "Why do these conversations have to happen on my posts? :o)" It's because we're eagerly *READING* your posts, my dear! Some time ago there was a sudden paucity of comments at The Point. Feeling bad at seeing all those "0 Comments" posts one after the other, I thought I'd encourage the authors by at least leaving a sentence or two, to assure them that someone had read their words. That made me a minor stench in the nostrils of my fellow Pointificators, but I hoped (and still hope) it was worth it to the bloggers. So thanks for the book reference; I'll check it out since I love Bach and love even more seeing stuffed shirts get their comeuppance from God.
Sorry, my fault. I was just so struck with horror at the idea of NO COFFEE, EVER. *whimper* Seriously, the book sounds terrific.
Why do these conversations have to happen on my posts? :o)
Maybe they wouldn't have wanted to kill so many people if they'd had their coffee!
Oh well, Gina, coffee isn't a proper Prussian beverage. Prussians were mainly good at killing people, making new-fangled philosophies that culminate in killing people, and attending operas about killing people. Coffee is for English speakers, who cross oceans, traverse deserts, climb mountains, settle continents, and go to the moon. While still remaining good at killing people.
Aye, Gina. Wasn't it ever?
Forbidding coffee?? That's HORRIBLE!
Well, Old Fritz was a dour fellow. He often reminds me of Ebenezzer Scrooge. Much of his career wasn't all that enlightend although much of that can be written off as "Thats what Kings do", and he wasn't a bad ruler as rulers go. He did however commit the atrocious tyranny of forbidding coffee to commoners. On the whole, I like his opponent Maria Theresa better who was simply a nicer person, and besides, she really was A Beautiful Princess.

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