'I Can't Do This Anymore'

Well, so much for the idea that pro-life pregnancy clinics are preying on young, vulnerable women with heavy-handed tactics like ultrasounds of fetuses. Apparently, even mature adults with long years of service to Planned Parenthood are finding ultrasounds to be compelling.

Maybe it's because one is brought face to face with life. Some find that disturbing. Some find that awe-inspiring.

Hopefully, this woman can now share her insights from the other side with the pro-life clinic she's helping now. After all, they've already shared one big insight with her.


Thanks Gina!
Here's an article from Kathleen Gilbert of LifeSiteNews that makes the connection clearer: http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2009/nov/09110204.html
One thing to remember - the Ultrasound was first invented by NARAL founder Dr. Bernard Nathanson, in order to assist with then-mostly-illegal abortions. It's what turned even him to pro-life.
Ben, by the looks of things, we're meant to understand her change of heart and recent conviction were a result of viewing ultrasounds (and we can only infer that from the video title). In that sense, the news piece wasn't very good. More information and discussion would have been good on the ultrasound stuff, especially to focus on it in this post. Stephen, did you have more information on this story? (I agree with the substance of the post, and, while I don't think it's the wrong video, I don't see it being a good foundation to build a case) /// "temporary restraining order contend [sic] Planned Parenthood would be irreparably harmed by the disclosure of certain information..."? Irreparably? I'm not sure what this means... their profits wouldn't be as big as they could have been or what? How can an abortion clinic get a worse reputation?
Err, sorry. I see the title now - which mentions an ultrasound - but the woman in the video said she quit because PP changed their business practices.
Ben, I just checked the link, and that's the video I'm seeing. What are you seeing?
Stephen, I think you might have the wrong link - the video in the story doesn't mention anybody resigning because of ultrasounds.

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