Two Years Later

Two years have passed since my dad began his sentence in a federal prison camp. In just a few weeks, he will be one of many prisoners returning to a community, trying to reconnect and reestablish life on the outside.

I hope for every prisoner that release day will be a day of rejoicing and a new beginning rather than a new set of hardships. Reentering a community after incarceration is no easy task: finding housing, getting a job, reconnecting with people, and the list goes on. The prisoner may have broken a law (potentially a very serious one) but we can allow them hope for opportunity on the other side.

I hope we can think of prisoners not as the lowest of the low, but as fellow sinners in need of grace. I hope that as they return, churches will help them know Christ and understand how to live well in society. When you have the opportunity, extend compassion toward a returning prisoner who may be struggling a great deal emotionally and spiritually while trying to reestablish life in “normal” society.

As the prison gates close behind returning prisoners and they face life on the other side, I hope they will be met with grace to live faithfully in their new beginning.


Congratulations. I hope that your father will be able to find a supportive church family and get all the help he needs finding a job, housing, etc. I'm sure that life on the "outside" will have its challenges, but by God's grace it is possible to change one's life and situation.
Congratulations on your dad's homecoming, Amanda! I hope it is a joyous occasion as you all navigate the upcoming changes.
My brother in law got out of jail recently. He has been sending copies of his diploma and other steps he has been taking to improve himself. We are proud of him.

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