The original Beauty and the Beast

Interesting remarks from John Mark Reynolds:
The ancient Beauty and the Beast is the story of a family with several daughters. One daughter is humble and knows her place, but the other daughters are vain and desire more than they have. When their father loses his wealth, the wicked daughters are unhappy, but the godly daughter is content. The father regains his riches and the bad sisters demand costly gifts while the pious younger daughter demands nothing but a single red rose. In the end, the patience and humility of the justly named Belle, whose form matches her soul, are rewarded. Beauty’s Christian, sacrificial, love transforms even a Beast and she is revealed as fit to rule.


I know and like Dr. Reynolds, and I think he has an interesting take on the story. That said, I'm a bit uncomfortable with language like "knows her place." Whether it's said of a woman or a man, it's come to be regarded more as a denigration than a compliment. I understand he meant "contented," and that's a worthy idea. It just could have been phrased a little differently.
Fairy tales don't have copyrights. They are supposed to evolve. And the idea of a beautiful person loving an ugly is not unchristian either.

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