A Walk on the Blind Side

So my husband and I went to see The Blind Side on Friday night. For those of you who missed my earlier post about the Michael Oher story, you can find it here. We both really enjoyed the film and were glad to see that it was clear that while the family that adopted Michael, the Tuohys, was imperfect (like we all are), they were clearly trying to do the right thing out of their Christian convictions.

In the beginning of the film, at the entrance to the private school where Michael gets accepted, Briarcrest Christian Academy, there is inscribed, "With man, this is possible. With God, all things are possible." Clearly, Michael's adoption and life turnaround, as well as, really, the redemption of the Tuohy family, seem to be among those impossible things done only by God.

One of the things this film definitely brings into clear focus is the affluence so many American Christians enjoy and don't think twice about. It's a challenge and a wakeup call to think beyond ourselves--to stretch our love to embrace those who are not born with such advantages. As in most films, there are a few cusswords dropped here and there, and a couple scenes where there is sexual innuendo, but overall I can say, go see this film. It's one you and your family will enjoy--especially if you love football, and even more so if you happen to cheer for an SEC team. (My husband and I enjoyed seeing so many of the famous SEC coaches in one scene where Michael is applying to colleges). Anyhow, it's a great film for Thanksgiving weekend--perhaps one which will challenge us to not only be thankful for our blessings, but also to share them.


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