Life Is a Mixture

One of my favorite aunts passed away this past week. She knew her share of troubles in this life. But because of her Christian faith, she remained not only resilient but sunny to the point of inspiring the rest of us with easier lives than she had.

Why is it that the kindest people are often the ones who have experienced the most difficulties in life? Did life “beat the anger” out of them, or what?

I think, rather, it’s that they learned what the pilgrims discovered about life during their voyage to Plymouth Rock and their subsequent hard first few years here in the New World. They learned, as did my aunt, that life isn’t always fair at all. Yet God provides.

The upshot of this is joy, a new and realistic approach to life that reminds us that we need to be grateful for the good times because, after all, it may not always be this way. And it could’ve been a lot different even today. Here’s a Thanksgiving column from last year that elaborates on this theme of gratitude.


This post, and especially the article in the link, relate to something that happened to me this week. I'm studying abroad and was planning to go to a dinner on Wednesday night with other students from my program. However, I got sick earlier this week with something that looked like the flu. I was supposed to stay home until two days after the fever broke, which it did Tuesday morning. I thought I wouldn't be able to go, but on Wednesday afternoon, I found out that our director had said I could. It's very small compared to the struggles some people go through, but nearly missing the meal made me much more grateful when I was able to go. Sometimes we can't see our blessings when we don't have any struggles, just like we can't see the stars when there is too much light in the sky.

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