Wanton Endangerment

Here’s a new twist on the old subject of drunk driving. A New York State school bus driver took out a mailbox and started to let the bus roll backwards down a hill while terrified children found their own way out the back. What was she thinking?

If the bus driver's attorneys are to be believed, the bus driver had a bad mix of alcohol and prescription meds. Her alcohol level was high enough to have her charged with drunk driving in many states, but shouldn't she have been watching any intake of alcohol since she was on that specific kind of medication? Surely if her medication was incompatible with alcohol, that would be indicated on the prescription bottle, don’t you think?

She'll be spending the next 12 weekends in jail, perhaps long enough to ponder free will and responsibility.  Thankfully, no children were hurt in the incident.

The truth is, this tipsy bus driver points up one of the most common occurrences of sin in all of us. Not intending real harm to anyone, we take risks that we know are wrong, playing the odds that nothing bad will happen. That makes this story a lesson for us all.


Well, her lawyers are trying to moderate the punishment she surely will receive. But I think of kids I knoew in the past who politely called out Christian leaders who were drifting away from the Gospel. They weren't arguing about some subtle point of theology but were pointing out where the Christian teachers/ministers were bypassing the Christian core beliefs.. .Two of my sisters (when we all were teens) politely offered our then-current minister a Bible tract. They truly thought he did not know the Lord...! That church (at that time) also had another teacher who did not believe in a literal heaven or hell...(I am glad to report that they apparently came back to more sound doctrine later in!) .And when I was teaching teens, another teen girl also knew and told me - of a Christian leader who similarly was not teaching the Gospel. Again, the basics of the Gospel were missing or being distorted. And the kids knew it! So maybe sometimes a child (or teen) does call out the adult!

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