Can It Be? Reason Returns to the 'New York Times'

Well, it’s just a single columnist, not the whole paper, but how refreshing nonetheless. Ross Douthat has some sensible things to say about the absurd brouhaha over Brit Hume’s reaching out to Tiger Woods. Click here.


" Actually I often think "tolerance" more insulting then honest but courteous disaggreement. A Jew says Jesus is not the Messiah, I say he is, we both say that both cannot be right and we both say the question is important and hooray for us. A "tolerant" person is saying we should get along, not because we are gentlemen but because he cannot comprehend why anyone would worry about the question. When it comes to a question he considers important he can be remarkably "intolerant".
An intelligent call to allow public, respectful religious commentary...I am very surprised and pleased. What I have read of the NY Times...has not been all that rational...this was a pretty good exception. And what will the US be if we successfully shut down religious discussions? I heard the Brit Hume comment...
My favorite line: "If you treat your faith like a hothouse flower, too vulnerable to survive in the crass world of public disputation, then you ensure that nobody will take it seriously." Hothouse flower faith certainly can't stand courageously in the face of evil either.
Refreshing and sensible are not terms that I would normally associate with the 'New York Times' but Douthat certainly earned a Gold Star for this article.

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