World Relief in Haiti

I had an email last week from Don Golden, a Senior VP at World Relief. I met Don earlier this year when we both spoke on a panel at The National Pastors Conference about reconciliation in Rwanda.

Don wrote to tell me about World Relief's needs in light of the disaster in Haiti. World Relief has been faithfully serving in Haiti for a number of years. And when the earthquake struck their offices, like so much else, crumbled. Of their staff they have been able to locate all but two, who at the time of my writing still remain missing. Already, however, World Relief staff is serving those who are hurt or injured.

Later in the day, Don sent me a link to one of their staff members' Twitter page. The updates are a combination of heart-wrenching and spirit-lifting. Here's a sample (the most recent are at the top):

We were able to secure potable water for several hundred 8 minutes ago from txt

We are organizing feeding centers to communities thru local churches. Will feed several hundred today about 1 hour ago from txt

World Relief is providing medical care to hundreds today. about 2 hours ago from txt

Exploring the idea of launching a World Relief food point/feeding center for community in with local churches. about 3 hours ago from txt

Families have wrapped bodies of loved ones, many children and put them on streets for pickup. Gut wrenching. about 3 hours ago from txt

No visible aid from outside yet. about 4 hours ago from txt

Much more economic activity today. people finding water in cisterns, perhaps even a public water point. one woman who made bread to sell ... about 4 hours ago from txt

Hope to see search and rescue teams deployed today as we are coming up on critical 72 hour mark. about 5 hours ago from txt

Young woman brought to clinic at midnight. Just dug out. Unconcious. Search and rescue being done by locals. about 5 hours ago from txt

Boy, age 9, large laceration on head. Hemoraging on brain. Nothing Hubert and Dr Wes could do. He died in ten minutes. They prayed with ... about 5 hours ago from txt

Lots of femer and tibia fractures but only one hospital with x Ray. Little general anasthesia. about 6 hours ago from txt ...earthquake. Now assisting many at local hospital. Working together with WR Country Director in medical response about 6 hours ago from txt

Wes Alexander, retired transplant surgeon happened to be in Haiti, volunteering in local hospital with little to do...until about 6 hours ago from txt

Picture of World Relief's Haiti Country Director, Dr. Morquette, helping an earthquake victim about 6 hours ago from txt

Good morning-day 2 in port au prince. Decent sleep except for the rush of fleeing our house during two tremors overnight. about 8 hours ago from txt

Hope (even singing!) in the midst of grief. Our God still incarnates....signing off for real now. More updates tomorrow. about 17 hours ago from txt

Hard to wind down after a day of such intensity. I am listening to beautiful singing outside my window. Kids siniging in creole. about 17 hours ago from txt

Am signing off for tonight, day one. God is evident here in the midst of. about 18 hours ago from txt

It's moving to see God's people responding in the midst of tragedy like this. If you're looking for a place to give, I wanted to highlight World Relief's efforts. And if you're looking for a more direct way to pray, check World Relief's home page or sign up to follow StephanJBauman on Twitter. He's the World Relief Staff person whose updates I've quoted here. Thanks!


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