'We're Glad We Chose Life'

My wife gave me a "what-the-heck-are-you-reading" stare when she saw me with a copy of In Touch Weekly magazine at home. I never thought I'd actually spend my hard-earned dollars to buy an entertainment tabloid, until this morning on my way to the gym. The issue features Sarah and Bristol Palin with their respective babies on the cover. But what caught my attention and made me decide to buy a copy was the cover headline "We're glad we chose life."

The article has no direct discussion of abortion but did shed a good light on the Palins for bringing their babies to term in spite of their difficult circumstances (Bristol being a now 19-year-old single mother and Sarah a mother of a child with Down Syndrome). It was portrayed as the best decision they or any woman could have made. And it's a particularly good read compared to the article on Angelina Jolie's mysterious belly bump.

You decide if it’s worth the $2.99 at your local grocery's checkout aisle.

(Image © In Touch Weekly)

Note: Sarah and Bristol will also be on today's Oprah to talk about teenage pregnancy and other issues.


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