Hallelujah, a Good Contestant

I don't watch American Idol but I read about this girl in our local newspaper. I knew her family's story sounded familiar and realized I'd read about them in the Washington Post not long ago when they did an article about a registry of people willing to adopt special needs children.

Here is her back story and audition:

Her mom is a pro-life blogger and writer. And obviously, from the video and the news story, they practice what they preach. You can check out Barbara Curtis' blog here. And apparently we'll find out on February 3 if Maddy makes it to the next round. Let's hope so.


What a beautiful story- thank you for sharing this- I will be rooting for Maddy throughout the competition!
So nice to hear her story, hear her sing, and even see the panel being so positive. Thanks for sharing.
Sorry, there was a little glitch. We've got the video up now.
The link is broken.

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