Tour of Duty

I definitely can't complain about my job these days. If you know me at all, you know that in infancy I was inducted into a family of huge Gator fans. Both my parents graduated from the University of Florida, both my mom's brothers, both their wives, and then many of their children went there. By the time I was about ten, my big brother was at the University of Florida and so many a weekend would be spent either going up to Gainseville to see him march in the band on a Saturday or watching the games on TV.

If you were to ask me who my two favorite Florida players of all time were, I'd tell you quickly Danny Wuerrfel and Tim Tebow. Well, I couldn't be more excited that tomorrow I'll get to meet both of them, and hopefully get a short interview to hear about their ministry both to prisoners and others in need of Christ. I'll tell you more as it develops, but for now, that's the scoop.


Loved the Superbowl Tebow ad which "tackled" human sanctity of life...but it is funny that a feminist group tackled the Tebow Mom & Son ad...for its alleged contribution to violence against women...but failed to "tackle" the Betty White getting tackled ad-which ran right before the Tebow Tackling Ad...(ya have to see the commercials to understand)...
That's OK Lee. Issue Letters of Marque by the bushel to the folks at Baltimore, and take advantage of the predatory instincts of the jolly sailors there. That should be enough protection for the Atlantic coast for a while.
Profound apologies, Gina, but what else is there to say? Catherine likes getting assigned to write about her family's alma mater: check. UniFlorida grads are fine people: duh. Wuerrfel and Tebow are excellent role models: yes. Catherine will write a fantastic article well worth everyone's time: yeah, and the sun will rise in the East tomorrow. If this topic was intended to draw comments from us Pointificators, it definitely had a marketing maladjustment, which (drumroll) would qualify it for MarMalAid. (Jason Taylor, I may need the kind of help the United States Atlantic coast needed in 1812, to break out of a rightfully-imposed-by-Gina BlogAid.)
All right, guys, while I appreciate the ever more sophisticated (ha!) puns, let's stay on topic here. :-)
Indeed, Rolley; as a young man I was affected by relief efforts for the short-lived nation of Biafra (a portion of Nigeria that was briefly independent). The suffering of starving children there is still etched in my visual memory, but many of us suspected that Biafran relief efforts were hampered by corruption, causing us to wonder if any such donations were worthwhile. However, I've been told by the Lord that although one needs to exercise caution in charitable giving, most of it is effective. I've encapsulated that wisdom memorably by repeating to myself "DoNotBiafrAid".
When we do this kind of thing in my neighborhood, we call it Block Aid. When we do it in the used car lot down the street, we call it Lemon Aid. When on *tour of duty* (hah! I managed to stay “on topic”!) and the bombs are dropping, Air Aid. When we pick up our paycheck, Underp Aid. When we aren’t paying attention What Theys Aid. When it takes too long, Deal Aid. When it is of, or pertaining to, our priggish schoolteacher, Marmal Aid. When we’re in a bovine skating rink, Rollerbl Aid. When congregating here at The Point, Benjamin Aid (or something like that). And when at the local Army post, Barrack Aid. (Not to be confused with Barack Aid, which, to some, present writer included, is fiscal and moral irresponsibility Onper Aid).
Willie Nelson et al gave us LiveAid, FarmAid and so on; would these efforts be... GatorAid? (OK, I deserve a good dousing. I do applaud these two men for their examples. Bravo to them, and may many be inspired to emulate them.)

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