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Where would we be without Chuck Colson? For starters, some of us would not have a job. But more importantly, what God did to transform the life of this former White House counsel continues to reap benefits for Christendom as more people hear about the effectiveness of Christian prison ministry and developing a Christian worldview in all facets of life. Today on the Colson Center website, we salute Chuck’s award.

It is fitting that, like his hero in the faith, John Wesley, Chuck’s work is receiving recognition with each passing year. In Wesley’s case, the Anglican hierarchy, who had chased Wesley all of his life, finally calmed down and erected a statue to their renegade clergyman. Ironically, they put it right outside one of the centers of Anglicanism, St. Paul’s Cathedral in downtown London, where you can see it today.

Chuck doesn’t need or want any statues. When he received the Presidential Citizenship award a little over a year ago, he humbly called it a “unit citation” for all of the staff and volunteers of Prison Fellowship. Like Wesley, he is content to see his writings and radio commentaries bear fruit in the lives of those who listen. And also like Methodism’s founder, he enjoys dialoguing with others, whether they agree with him or not. That’s effective evangelism.

So congrats, Chuck, and may you have many more years of broadcasting BreakPoint!


First heard about Mr. Colson when I was a college student & Watergate erupted.... Soon---heard he became a Christian... And I read his book...BORN AGAIN>>>! Glad to hear & read the great things he has done...for others.
Chuck's work for Prison Fellowship and the World View will go down in history as the greatest achievements in Christian ministries. Blessings, Chuck! You have been a faithful servant.
I would like to add my congratulations. I have found Chuck's (I like to call him Chuck!) writing to be insightful and thought provoking. May he long continue!

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