Stem Cell Fraud?

A top scientist is saying that the method of "banking" umbilical stem cells for later use is fraudulent. It makes sense, as delicate as these cells are, that their shelf-life is questionable. Click here for more.


Hrm. I find Chuck's commentary a little disappointing, actually. Equating adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells is like equating Viagra and Vick's. They're not equivalent - adult stem cells will never be useful for heart, blood, or brain problems, and have limited usefulness for research or problems with other organs. And the reason that adult stem cells, rather than embryonic stem cells, have provided useful treatments is because adult stem cells have a 20 year head-start. Most medicine takes a long time to get through the research stage, figure out how the treatment works and bang out all the problems, and ESCs are no different. ..//.. I know that Chuck has a problem with embryonic stem cell research because of his beliefs about conception and life and all that. I just wish it wouldn't color his perception of the science/facts, and that he'd do a bit more research before talking to so many people who look up to him.
While we're on the subject, did you read Chuck's commentary on adult stem cells today? I just read it myself, or I would have mentioned it earlier!
Hmm.. so, as I'm reading it, the article says that there may be stem cell fraud because the clinics aren't able to derive pluripotent stem cells, but are claiming they can. The scientist from Stanford is saying that the clnics are only getting mesenchymal stem cells, which are less useful. So, like adult stem cells, these cells aren't going to be useful for brain, heart, or blood problems.

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