Holy Smokes, Superman Is a Methodist!


Do you know that Superman is a Methodist and The Hulk a Catholic? How about Iron Man, Batman and the Wonder Twins -- do you know their religious beliefs? Adherent.com examined references to faith and religious practices in the comic books to come up with an extensive list of heroes grouped by religious affiliations. Just for fun, which one do you think is most formidable and would win the battle of the super champions?

Real-life superheroes also fall into several groups. There are those who dress and act like comic book characters, and then are firefighters, law enforcers, and regular good Samaritans. Chuck’s book The Good Life also describes a different kind of hero. A hero created not by radioactive insect bites or lab experiments but by serving others. He explores the life stories of everyone from well-known politicians to lesser-known prisoners who discovered “the good life” in giving up their needs for the needs of others. It’s not about becoming a hero or knowing what group you’re affiliated with, but  becoming a loyal sidekick to the hero who truly can save lives -– the One who wore a crown of thorns, not a pair of tights.


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Not Impossible for them to die on others' behalf - just impossible, for the most part, for them to STAY dead!!! ;-) Yes, Marvel, I'm looking at you. Let's see, for just Marvel - Phoenix. The Executioner. The Swordsman, back in '74. Mockingbird (rather impressive - they kept her dead for almost 15 years!). Many, many others.
Jean Grey, to Wolverine: "Don't you see; it could never work between us?" / Cyclops: "Yeah - she's Episcopalian, and you're a jerk." // An obvious goof: as everyone around The Point knows, Wonder Woman isn't Greek - she's Italian.
Gotta wonder about Bruce Banner "hulking out" while in the confessional booth... // Come to think of it, I remember a few references to priests and rabbis in the old comics, but usually in passing rather than as a relationship the superhero cultivated. // Interesting that even the X-Men (Xmas-Men?) have religious affiliation; didn't expect that. *Very* interesting that super powers don't preclude faith. The Marvel comic heroes are famous for being tortured souls whose powers are as much curse as blessing; it's routine for them to have Garden of Gethsemane moments, but impossible in general for them to die on someone's behalf. They routinely "take up their cross daily" to fight crime, though.
Hmm, just happened to notice that "Mastodon" is both Lutheran and Atheist. I think it should be determined which group Silver Surfer goes in before a battle decision can be assessed.
This is a shout-out to the Legion of Disciples of Christ for swooping up Ronald Reagan the super hero. Heck you had the real guy, why'd you have to take the super hero as well? sheesh hahaha

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