Letter to Our Little One

You may have seen my latest column when Gina linked to it the other day. In it, I share a letter I wrote recently to our little one. Hopefully, only a week or so more to go until I meet him or her. (And if you want to send some prayers up on my behalf for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby, I certainly won't object!)

If you read the letter and like it, share it with someone who is expecting or who has little ones. I've been doing so this week and it has connected with people who might not otherwise give Christianity a listen.

So many in this world have such a negative view toward children. We live in a society which gives us plenty of reasons not to bring children into this world. Many Christians even need to think through why it is that we can bring children into this world with hope. Hopefully, this letter gives voice to the hope we can have bringing children into a world that is marred by sin.


I thought it was a very nice letter. When he was a few days old, I read Hosea 2:14-16 to my son. Trying to express to him some of the ideas you wrote in your letter. Wonderful time. You're at the forefront of a wonderful time. I will pray that things go well. Enjoy!
Beautifully expressed!

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