'The Broken Society'
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In a memo, Chuck Colson recommended last week's column from David Brooks, where he offers a response to big government that doesn't veer into "vehement libertarianism."

The United States is becoming a broken society. The public has contempt for the political class. Public debt is piling up at an astonishing and unrelenting pace. Middle-class wages have lagged. Unemployment will remain high. It will take years to fully recover from the financial crisis.

This confluence of crises has produced a surge in vehement libertarianism. People are disgusted with Washington. The Tea Party movement rallies against big government, big business and the ruling class in general. Even beyond their ranks, there is a corrosive cynicism about public action.

But there is another way to respond to these problems that is more communitarian and less libertarian.


I've seen the same things in the US that Blond describes about his Liverpool. I was hoping to see something that might benefit Middle America.

However, the solutions he proposes are absurd. Absurd to think that they are new, and absurd that they will accomplish his aims.

It's absurd to think you can zone out WalMart's efficiency, to give small shopkeeps a "fighting chance". Chicago is going thru that exercise right now. All it does is keep jobs and good prices away from the area.

And while this is tangential, why do productive businesses get lumped in w/ Wall Street Traders? It's WalMart now, it was Std Oil 100 years ago. Both built their businesses on efficiency, and the world benefitted. That's far different from derivatives traders who glean profits from trades that produce nothing of substance.

This leads back to the assertion that, "The free-market revolution didn’t create the pluralistic decentralized economy. It created a centralized financial monoculture, which requires a gigantic government to audit its activities."

Nonsense. This isn't the result of a "free market." It's the result of a heavily regulated market, one that is audited yet implicitly, and at times explicitly, supported by big government.

In short this article is exactly what thinking people (Christians and non-Christians) should AVOID. It is filled with misinformation, logical fallacies, and socialist ideals.

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