Letter from a doctor

An online acquaintance passed this article along. It's brutally frank about the realities of health care in this country, and what progressivism is doing to it. Worth a read.


Gina, this is terrific. Thank you for posting!
Actually, there are people who become prosperous on government programs: lobbyists, sugar growers, government bureaucrats, Bridge to Nowhere builders...
Is this the same Dr. Steve who used to comment here in years past?
"No one becomes prosperous on government programs."

"Are you a drain or an aquifer in the national pool of prosperity?"

Could be some good bumper stickers.
I have practiced medicine for 30 years now in a wide assortment of settings.

He is spot on, and eloquently put.
As an advocate, I feel the doctor's pain. I recently sat with a relative for eight hours in the ER. They were extremely busy treating people with broken bones, etc.

One lady harped and complained a blue streak cause she had to wait five hours... unfortunately, she was parked outside the treatment room of my relative. The harper put me on edge, and I felt like harper on her way.

The nurse was great in her response, but the harper was in high dudgeon and wasn't about to be placated nor care about anyone else.

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