A Diabolical Religion

Philosophers Julian Savulescu and Ingmar Persson are passionate about making men moral and saving the earth from "climate change," overpopulation, industrialization, and even democratic ideals.

What to do about the problem of mankind? Savulescu and Perssons are so committed to their ideas that they're hatching a diabolical plan to achieve their dream by using biotechnology.

They reveal their machinations in "Philosophy Now." Savulescu and Persson maintain that "Our knowledge of human biology -- in particular of genetics and neurobiology -- is beginning to enable us to directly affect the biological or physiological bases of human motivation, either through drugs, or through genetic selection or engineering, or by using external devices that affect the brain or the learning process. We could use these techniques to overcome the moral and psychological shortcomings that imperil the human species."

Their sentiment sends chills down my spine. There have been plenty of pogroms caused by people who shared Savulescu and Persson's sentiment about changing human nature.

There is really only one way to change mankind's fatal flaw--that is through the shadow of the Cross.

Thanks to Michael Cook at Mercatornet.com, for reporting on this latest proposal to force man into someone else's image.


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