Tim Tebow and the problem of joy

Stephen Marche writes in the New York Times, "Christians famously have the problem of pain: how can a benevolent and omnipotent god permit evil to exist? But atheists like myself have our own paradox to contend with: the problem of joy." How Marche relates Tim Tebow to that "problem of joy," and his explanation of why he so badly wants the Jets to let Tebow play, make for one of the most delightful articles I've read in some time.


I don't "follow" football, but I've "noticed" Tim Tebow. The fact that he's good-looking, that his Christianity is "real" enough for him to drop to one knee and thank God for his abilities on the field, and the fact that, as one player put it, "he's blessed" make for an interesting game. And, therefore, an interesting career. Whether he becomes a free agent or sticks it out with the Jets is, obviously, a decision Tim Tebow has to make for himself. Only he knows what God is doing with and through him. Whatever his path in life, I wish him every grace and blessing he needs to make heaven his final goal!
This is a well written article. Worth reading.

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