Westboro strikes back

As we mentioned recently, two of Fred Phelps's granddaughters, Megan and Grace, have taken the brave step of leaving Phelps's church, the infamous Westboro Baptist. Now, in a sad but predictable turn of events, their uncle is publicly lashing out at them. Timothy Dalrymple at Patheos handles the topic with grace and sensitivity, and raises an important question: Why does Westboro get so much attention in the first place?


I am not familiar with either sister, nor had I seen the story of their leaving, until now.

Wow. We need to pray that these young women find some real, biblical Christians to help them out and clear out all of the mixed up things they have learned their entire lives.

In fact, they could easily turn their backs on God entirely and end up as spokespeople for the 'other side', as it were.

What a shame.
Mike's right, of course; if it were up to most of us Christians, Westboro would just slink off under some rock somewhere and stay out of sight. Their publicity comes mainly from people trying to make us all look terrible.

Look at what happened during the last campaign when a couple Senate candidates made ignorant statements about rape and abortion. That got manipulated and used as a way to discredit any of us who don't think a baby deserves to die just because the circumstances of conception were awful.

Anyone who doesn't see and understand this pattern isn't paying attention.
Kind of obvious as Dalrymple puts it, but his final question is absurd. It has nothing to do with us! A media intent on delegitimizing Christians and Christianity has no incentive to stop.

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