Seven Things Even God Cannot Do
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It is commonly supposed that if God can't do absolutely anything and everything, then He isn't all-powerful. Yet Scripture teaches there are some things even God cannot do, though it affirms in countless places that He is, nonetheless, “almighty.”

Here is a list of things the Bible says outright, or by necessary implication, God cannot do:

1. Lie (or do anything else immoral)—Titus 1:2

2. Deny Himself (i.e., do anything out of character)—2 Timothy 2:13

3. Remit/forgive sins without the shedding of blood (i.e., taking of life)—Hebrews 9:22

4. Avoid going to Calvary if man is to have hope of forgiveness—Matthew 26:39

5. Pardon someone who will not repent/believe—2 Peter 3:9

6. Remain righteous by passing over sins and never requiring blood atonement—Romans 3:25-26

7. Be tempted by evil—James 1:13

Can you add to the list?

Can you compose a definition of “almighty” more consonant with what the Bible says God can and cannot do?

Can you think of reasons why this might be more than an academic exercise or a needless distinction?


"Cannot will a contradiction" is a summation of all of these.

He can make a rock to heavy for him to lift though, by Incarnation. However obviously He had more important things in mind.
Something else God cannot do
God cannot create a square circle, a rock too heavy for Him to lift, or anything that defies logic (basically a non-task). This, like any sin, would contradict His character, since logic is part of who God.

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