Seven Things Even God Cannot Do
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It is commonly supposed that if God can't do absolutely anything and everything, then He isn't all-powerful. Yet Scripture teaches there are some things even God cannot do, though it affirms in countless places that He is, nonetheless, “almighty.”

Here is a list of things the Bible says outright, or by necessary implication, God cannot do:

1. Lie (or do anything else immoral)—Titus 1:2

2. Deny Himself (i.e., do anything out of character)—2 Timothy 2:13

3. Remit/forgive sins without the shedding of blood (i.e., taking of life)—Hebrews 9:22

4. Avoid going to Calvary if man is to have hope of forgiveness—Matthew 26:39

5. Pardon someone who will not repent/believe—2 Peter 3:9

6. Remain righteous by passing over sins and never requiring blood atonement—Romans 3:25-26

7. Be tempted by evil—James 1:13

Can you add to the list?

Can you compose a definition of “almighty” more consonant with what the Bible says God can and cannot do?

Can you think of reasons why this might be more than an academic exercise or a needless distinction?


It seems as if all of these things are choices that God has made, that he won't do. The only reason he doesn't do these things is because he said he wouldn't. The only thing god truly cannot do is choose/decide for you because he gave that power to you!
"Cannot will a contradiction" is a summation of all of these.

He can make a rock to heavy for him to lift though, by Incarnation. However obviously He had more important things in mind.
Something else God cannot do
God cannot create a square circle, a rock too heavy for Him to lift, or anything that defies logic (basically a non-task). This, like any sin, would contradict His character, since logic is part of who God.

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